Anti-Tethering and Chaining Program (ATCP)

Dedicated to improving the lives of chained & penned dogs

  • He lived most of his 14-years on the end of a heavy chain in a neighborhood in the Clarksville city limits.
  • His back legs were paralyzed & he was trapped in 2-3 inches of mud.
  • In his last days, he cried & howled day & night. Frustrated neighbors begged us to help him, because no one else would.
  • He was missing huge patches of hair & thousands of maggots were feeding on open sores on his armpit & groin areas.
  • He was emaciated weighing just 40 lbs., which is about half the ideal body weight for a German Shepherd.
  • He had a family that claimed to love him & said he was “part of the family” for 14 years.
  • But during Trey’s final hour, his family merely watched from afar as Humane Society director Amy Shaver laid in the mud to comfort him and to untangle the heavy chain from his weary body.
  • A veterinarian was called upon to end the inexcusable suffering that no living being deserves. Trey welcomed the stranger’s massages to his face and listened as she apologized for the pathetic life he was given. She promised to give it meaning as Trey took his last breath.
  • His owner was charged with FELONY animal cruelty, a rarity in Montgomery County. Months later, his story influenced Montgomery County Commissioners to pass a new chaining law that provides strict guidelines for owners that opt to chain a dog for long periods each day.
Help us ensure that Trey’s memory lives on and his story never forgotten.
DONATE TODAY and we’ll purchase a memorial item (based on the list below) to be displayed at our building always:

  • 8×8 Brick – $100
  • Plaque – $250
  • Kennel – $500
  • Garden Bench – $1750
  • Room – $5000

Why should you care?

  • Tennessee ranks 10th in fatal dogs attacks
  • 20%-25% of fatal dog attacks are caused by chained dogs
  • Chained dogs are 3% more likely to bite than dogs allowed to socialize
  • 32% of biting dogs have been chained

What Can You Do?

  1. Send the pet owner an anonymous letter or information educating them about the dangers of lifelong chaining, tethering or penning. Choose from:
    1. Anti-Chaining Letter
    2. Penning Letter
    3. Quality of Life Flyer
  2. If you are uncomfortable sending a letter, we’ll do it for you. Just email us a brief description of the conditions the dog is living in and provide a complete address including zip code.
  3. Learn more about chaining from the National Humane Society website:
    1. Facts About Chaining
    2. Do You Chain your Dog?
  4. You will be surprised at how showing compassion and respect for both the dog and the owner can change the attitude of someone that chains their pet! As a neighbor you can offer to give a dog house or a tip proof water or food bowl or offer to walk or groom chained dog.
  5. Report inhumane conditions that go unchanged to Animal Control at 648-5750. Please review Tennessee State Laws and Regulations to determine if a law is being broken (i.e. no water, no shelter, etc.) before calling as they are short-staffed & stay very busy responding to serious violations daily. You can request that your call be kept anonymous and ask for an investigator to visit the residence.
  6. Want to do even more (i.e. write to lawmakers, become an area anti-tether rep, etc.)? Visit to explore the possibilities!

Rusty was rescued from a North Clarksville home, chained without food or water and emaciated. An anonymous caller initiated the investigation that resulted in Rusty’s rescue.

This Clarksville dog is just one of thousands forced to “live” at the end of a chain. Unfortunately, chaining is not a crime in our community.

Other Photos of Chained Dogs & Inhumane Living Conditions
(Warning: some photos may be disturbing)

Thank you for caring about the chained dogs of our community… together we can and will make a difference!

For more information about Tether Laws and Suggestions, click the link below to read our brochure.

Chaining Informational Brochure-1Chaining Informational Brochure-1Chaining Informational Brochure