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(NOTE: If you need an appointment sooner than our online calendar provides, we recommend that you book a date provided… then indicate in the notes that you’d like to be added to the wait list)

NO-SHOW POLICY: As a courtesy to our staff who depends on a full day of surgeries and to clients who are trying to get their pets in to be fixed ASAP, please provide at least 24 HOURS NOTICE by phone, phone message, or email if you must cancel your pet’s appointment. NO-SHOW CLIENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A NON-REFUNDABLE $25 PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION. No-shows will eventually drive costs up, and it is our goal to keep our pricing as low as possible to best serve our community. (Exceptions will be made for feral cats only, since we know they operate on their own schedule! For our staff’s safety, feral cats must show up in a wire catch cage & will be ear tipped.)

The Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County employs licensed veterinarians and an experienced staff. We use state of the art medical equipment for every surgical procedure. Excellent patient care is our highest priority! Spaying and neutering can take place when your cat or dog is at least 2 months old and weighs 2+ pounds.


  • Male Cat – $40
  • Female Cat – $50
  • Male Dog – $50 (add $35 if 100 lbs. or more)
  • Female Dog – $60 (add $35 if 100 lbs. or more)
  • Feral Cats – $35 (includes rabies & mandatory ear tip; for our staff’s safety, cats must arrive in a live trap or wire kennel)

*Surgery costs include rabies and pain medication. Effective 9/1/17, a $5 county registration fee will be collected for all rabies tags issued in Montgomery Co. pursuant to T.C.A. 68-8-801 commonly known as the “Tennessee Anti Rabies Act.” State law requires that this fee be designated and used exclusively for animal control services within a specified county.


(available at the time of surgery only)

  • Dog Vaccine (DA2PP) – $10
  • Cat Vacc (FVRCP) – $10
  • Bordetella Vacc – $10
  • Heartworm Test – $15
  • FIV/FELV Combo Test – $30
  • Deworm – $5
  • Microchip – $20
  • Nail trim – $5
  • Ear cleaning – $5
  • Capstar (removes fleas) – $5


  • E-Collar – $5
  • Cardboard Cat Carriers – $5
  • Cryptorchid (undescended testicle) – $15 (cats), $35 (dogs)
  • In-heat or pregnancy – no extra charge