• Spay-Neuter Assistance Clarksville (SNAC) – a low-cost spay-neuter program that serves all pet owners regardless of income and without geographical restrictions
  • Animal Welfare Assistance Services (AWAS) – provides pet food bank and other animal care assistance to families in need (as resources permit)
  • Anti-Tethering and Chaining Program (ATCP) – humane education for improving the quality of life for chained or tethered animals
  • Shelter and Rescue Support Program (SRSP) – provides food and other items as resources permit to other rescue organizations to assist with the care of homeless pets originating from Montgomery County
  • Be Aware, Responsible and Kind (BARK) – provides speakers and educational materials on community animal welfare issues for organizations and schools


  • Low-cost spay-neuter clinic with limited additional services also available (at time of surgery only)
  • Pet Food Bank for low income families. Availability limited to Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays from Noon-2pm only
  • Rescue referrals for unwanted pets
  • Re-Tail Store with gently used (& sometimes new) pet supplies available at greatly reduced prices
  • Counseling or referrals for animal behavior issues
  • Lost and found pet information
  • Guidance on reporting cruelty and neglect