Volunteer Opportunities

All of our adoptable animals reside in foster homes, so hands-on opportunities with animals are limited with the exception of transports, adoption events, etc.  Nonetheless, there are DOZENS of important, rewarding volunteer opportunities that we need help with throughout the year.  Here’s how our volunteer program works:

Join our volunteer action line:

In order to best communicate with our volunteers, we created a Volunteer Action Line E-list to assist us with soliciting for help. Whenever we need help with a specific task, we’ll send an email with the details. If you can help, GREAT… follow the instructions in the email. If not, just delete the email… it’s a guilt-free system that has worked fabulously for several years! Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to make phone calls to solicit for volunteer help at this time.

When you sign up for the Volunteer Action Line, your name will also be added to our regular Action Line E-list, which consists of 300+ members who wish to stay informed of pet-related events, fundraisers, needs, etc. in our community. Please know that your email will never be sold or used for any other purpose, and you may opt out from either list at any time by simply replying with “remove” in the subject line.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES include but are not limited to:

  • Fundraising – Contrary to popular belief, the Humane Society is not “funded” by the city or county. We receive a nominal grant from the City of Clarksville each year, which accounts for less than 10% of our operating budget. Only with a solid group of enthusiastic volunteers committed and excited about raising money and providing free services can the Humane Society continue to offer and grow its programs & services.
  • Foster Caregiver – Provide a homeless animal with food, water, shelter and lots of TLC to prepare them both physically and emotionally for placement into a permanent loving home. The Humane Society pays for veterinary expenses. Email us for an application to get started!
  • Home Visits – Visit the homes of potential foster or adoptive families, prior to and following the release of a pet into their care to gauge the well-being of the pet in their home.
  • Temperament Tester – Temperament Test dogs prior to their acceptance into our Foster Program. Training can be provided.
  • Adoption/Behavioral Counselor – Share information and answer questions from individuals needing advice about caring for their pet.
  • Transportation – (Local) Transport pets to the vet or to other locations within Montgomery County and surrounding areas (i.e. groomer, veterinary offices, from prior owner to foster care, etc.). At times, we also need transport of food, dog houses and supplies to pets in need in the community or to the Humane Society’s storage locations. ( Long Distance) Transport pets to locations outside of Montgomery County, possibly to other towns within Tennessee or beyond. Many times you will be asked to take one leg of a multi-leg trip – where a pet may be traveling across many states to their new home or rescue.
  • Humane Education – Help end animal suffering and increase compassion and respect for animals by providing presentations to children and adults about bite-prevention, animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and the current state of animal welfare in our community. Free presentations are made available to schools and community organizations.
  • Sponsor Solicitations – Solicit donations of goods and/or money from local organizations and businesses. Most often, this is done in conjunction with a fundraising event that is being organized to solicit for gifts to award/auction off. Additionally, you may be soliciting local businesses to participate in a fundraising event.
  • Anti-Tethering and Chaining Program (ATCP) – Educate our Clarksville neighbors about improving the quality of life for dogs being left on a chain or caring in general for pets during the hot summer and cold winter months.
  • Graphic Design – Create flyers, graphics, posters, etc. to help educate our community, advertise events, etc.
  • Pet Photography/Videography  – Homeless pets are competing with thousands of others for loving homes. Excellent photos and fun videos are critical in making our pets stand out to potential adopters, fosters & rescue organizations.
  • Internships – Earn college credit and help the animals in your community. Interns have the opportunity to work in many areas such as administration, public relations, advertising, etc.
  • Board Member – Apply to be a board member of the Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County. Help set the direction and policies of your Humane Society!