Barking Solutions


  • Frustrated from lack of exercise
  • Lonely for canine/human time
  • Territorial/Protective
  • Afraid/un-socialized
  • Anxious about being alone or without you


  • Walk dogs 2x day*
  • Time-consuming toys (i.e. , stuffed Kongs or filled hollow bones)
  • Lots of time WITH you  EVERYDAY petting, grooming, playing, exercising.  Dogs are pack animals and get stressed when left alone.

Additional Information

  • Keep dogs inside when unsupervised and tell neighbors you are working on the problem
  • Try blocking view by installing privacy weaving for fence or privacy fence.
  • Determine why your dog is barking.  Some breeds are more prone to barking than others.
  • Make sure you fulfill the dog’s social/ physical needs (daily walks, interaction with you) before you consider a bark collar. The goal should be to decrease the amount of barking, not to eliminate it completely.