Destructive Chewing


  • Anxious about being alone
  • Teething
  • Under-exercised


  • Crate Training
  • LOTS of appropriate chew toys, only give a few at a time and trade out daily to keep them interesting.
  • Monitor constantly to catch in the act, verbally correct then provide appropriate chewing substitute.
  • Walk dogs 2x day

Additional Information

Chewing is a natural canine behavior.  Your dog doesn’t know the difference between a log of wood and the leg of your Thomasville table.  Provide appropriate chew toys . If you’re unable to supervise secure him in a comfortable area, tether him to you or put him in a confined area AFTER he’s been exercised.  Do not confine for more than 4 hrs at a time maximum.
Try finding a canine “friend” or human caretaker to spend time with your pet when you are away.