House Training


  • Never had anyone take the time to properly teach them
  • If  your dog is under 6 months old he/she cannot control bladder for more than a few hours at a time.
  • Check with your veterinarian to rule out a medical condition (bladder infection, urinary tract infection)


  • When you cannot watch your dog it’s okay to put him in a crate or confined area for a maximum of 4 hours with lots of praise and rewards.  The crate is never where they go when they are “bad” keep it positive.
  • Remember, “out of sight”  likely means “ in trouble”. Try tethering your dog to you with a 6ft. leash until good habits are formed.
  • Keep on schedule, bring out every two hours, right after waking up, after meals, before bed.  It won’t be forever, just until you get them into good habits.

Additional Information:

  • If they do have an accident clean it up immediately.
  • When beginning outside training take soiled paper towels used to clean up accident and place outside in desired potty area so they smell the proper place to go.
  • After steam cleaning carpet inject an enzyme cleaner like “Natures Miracle” into carpet pad to remove all odor and keep pet away from area until completely dry and odor free (typically 2-3 days).
  • Instead of smacking the dog with a newspaper remember to never turn your back on a dog in potty training mode.  If you do, and they go, you may lightly pop yourself on the head with the paper and try to remember better next time.
  • Tether, crate or watch at all times and praise like they just invented the wheel when they  go in the appropriate place. Be positive and they won’t sneak away to do their business but instead look forward to going outside with you.