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The Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery Co. will be hosting popular Nashville-based dog trainer & consultant, Nikki Ivey, for a daylong seminar that will help both dog owners and rescue volunteers and fosters to better understand dog language and communication. We will have 2-3 dogs selected to join us at the very end of the day for hands-on time with the trainer, but the rest of the time will be dog-free to ensure quality instructional time.

Dogs use body language to communicate effectively with each other as well as with humans. These skills are used daily to avoid conflict and to calm over-stimulation. Understanding this will greatly improve your relationship with dogs as well as help you to work with dogs with a variety of behavior problems, including anxiety. The Humane Society is offering these workshops at just a small fraction of what it would cost to bring a behavior consultant or trainer into your home.

DATE: Saturday, February 27

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, February 22 (space is limited to the first 50 registrants)

COST: $25 for Workshop #1; $45 for both Workshops 1 & 2


1) ONLINE via this link:

Choose One:

2) IN-PERSON at the Humane Society office, 940 Tennessee Ave., during office hours: M/T/F/Sat 9am-2pm or W/Th 4:30p-7:30pm

3) BY PHONE with credit/debit card. Call (931) 206-1028.


8:30am Registration Opens

9:00am Workshop 1: Be Safe, Be Responsible: Understanding Dog-Dog & Dog-Human Communication (attendance required in order to register for Workshop 2)

10:00am 10-minute Break

12:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Workshop 2: Understanding the Dynamics of Dog Interaction

2:00pm 10-minute Break

3:30pm Hands-On Work with Foster Dogs

5:00pm Dismiss

WORKSHOP #1 – BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE: UNDERSTANDING DOG-DOG & DOG-HUMAN COMMUNICATION. Learn how to observe dog language between dogs and between you and a dog in order to increase safety and decrease inappropriate behaviors that could result in dog or human injury. (Prerequisite for Workshop 2)

•What Dog Language Is
•How Dogs Use Dog Language
•Different Levels of Calming Signals
•Three Levels of Dog Signals: Passive, Less Passive, Aggressive
•Various Signals, Not Distance Increasing
•Various signals are natural and often times misunderstood
•How to Speak Dog: Human-Dog communication

WORKSHOP #2 – UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF DOG INTERACTION. Dogs are born with the ability to handle stress and avoid conflict. As pack animals, this trait is vital. The skills that they use are developed by interacting with other dogs from birth. We humans are responsible for ensuring our dogs receive proper socialization with other dogs with both similar and differing personalities. Giving them ample opportunity to interact and learn appropriate communication skills will decrease the likelihood our dogs will suffer from future behavioral issues. Learn how and why dog interact, play and fight, as well as what you can do to ensure your dog has a positive experience each time he interacts with other dogs.