1st Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day

lucy bull shark contest winnerHumane Society of Clarksville – Montgomery County staff, volunteers and event coordinators, Sarah Friedel and Jacob Major, celebrated a very successful 1st Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day handing out 117 FREE spay/neuter vouchers for pit bull and close pit bull mixes and over 200 bags of free dog treats! The “Dress Your Bully” Contest brought in over $356 in donations, which will be used for a pit bull awareness educational billboard featuring the contest winner, LUCY the Bull Shark!

All contestants were photographed on-site courtesy of Jordan Larissa Photography. If your pet was photographed, contact Jordan via her website or Facebook to purchase a digital download for $5 or a professional 8×10 print for just $15.

Montgomery Co. Animal Control was on-site with their adoption trailer and adopted out FIVE pit bulls/mixes during the event.

petie cowboy rural king winnerA very special THANK YOU to our friends at Rural King who welcomed the event with open arms with a shared goal of promoting the awesomeness of this WONDERFUL breed! Plans are already in the works for expanding the event next year.

Congratulations to Petie the Cowboy owned by Cheyenne Reeves for winning the Rural King costume contest!
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Donations to the Pit Bull Awareness Educational Fund are appreciated & will help fund billboards & other educational materials & programs. Donate via phone, in-office or click here: