goldie cuddling with toriGoldie was surrendered to the local county shelter back in January with a mouth full of “tumors.” Volunteers at the shelter were very concerned for Goldie’s health, which was deteriorating rapidly without veterinary care or a proper diet. Despite her horrible & obvious pain, her loving disposition still managed to shine through & volunteers worked hard to find a rescue to save her. As if prayers had been answered, the Humane Society was VERY blessed to have been contacted by a brand new foster family that embraced Goldie’s medical needs with unconditional love & patience.

Goldie initially had so many symptoms that it took several weeks of quarantine, many days of forced feedings, and numerous veterinary visits, tests & assorted drug regiments to finally figure out what was going on. Goldie has a rare but very manageable condition called mycoplasma felis, which was causing ALL of her symptoms: conjunctivitis, gingivitis, generalized weakness, & arthritic tendencies… but FINALLY, with a diagnosis in hand she is now feeling better than she has in possibly years!

Unfortunately, the damage to her teeth was too severe & all of them had to be pulled, BUT Goldie knows no disability! She talks back to you, eats, and fetches balls & straws all day long. She LOVES her new pain-free life & is looking for a forever home that cares not that her little tongue might poke out of her mouth from time to time.

Goldie’s veterinary expenses are $575 to date, which has put us over budget on our foster program expenses. PLEASE consider making a donation so that we can stay in budget & continue to help other animals that depend on us as Goldie did.

Please use the PayPal link below to donate specifically to Goldie’s veterinary expenses. Donations can also be mailed to Clarksville Humane Society, P.O. Box 571, Clarksville, TN 37041. Or, stop by or call in a credit/debit card payment to (931) 648-8042 during office hours: M/T/F/Sat from 9am-2pm or W/Th from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Please be sure to notate that your donation is “for Goldie’s treatment.”