UPDATE: Your donations covered Jenny’s vetting! She has fully recovered and is doing GREAT… now she is waiting patiently in foster care awaiting her retirement home! Please contact us for information about adoption Jenny.

Jenny is an older girl, about 10 yrs. old, and was found running the streets here in Clarksville. She is the poster child for WHY spaying is so important. Did you know that unspayed female dogs have a seven times greater risk of developing mammary cancer than those that are spayed?  Jenny had to have the entire right mammary chain removed as well as two lumps on her left chain. Her surgery & vetting was about $800. Please consider donating to help us offset Jenny’s expenses so funds will be available for a future doggy or kitty in need. Donations can be made online using the Paypal/Chip-in link in the box below, by mail, or by credit card over the phone during office hours.