Theo, post-surgery

UPDATE: Your donations covered Theo’s vetting. Thank you!! He has fully recovered and was adopted by his foster family!

Theo was thrown out of a car on Hwy. 76 near Exit 11 in June 2012 and amazingly lived to meow about it. He was emaciated, infested with fleas & earmites, and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. His tiny little 8 wk old, 2-lbs. frame took a serious blow to the head & face, and unfortunately, we couldn’t save his left eye, which had to be removed.  Despite all that though, Theo is recovering WONDERFULLY and quickly accepted his foster home as his own personal playground.

Theo’s surgery & vetting was about $750. Please consider donating to help us offset his expenses so funds will be available for a future doggy or kitty in need. Donations can be made online using the Paypal link below, by mail, or by credit card over the phone during office hours. We thank you, and Theo thanks you!

Theo’s vetting has been covered, but we are never in a position to turn away donations. If Theo’s story inspires you to donate in his honor, click here: